Seismic Surveyor
Job Category:Oil- Petroleum, Construction-Civil Engineering
Experience Level:Experienced (Non-Manager)
Job Location:Saudi Arabia
The position requires experience in exploration survey and mapping activities, either in a senior role with a contractor, or as a consultant or technical expert with an oil company.
The position will be as a member of the Exploration Survey Unit, where the candidate will perform survey and mapping activities, train junior staff, oversee data quality for seismic and well data, and provide technical assistance and consultation to geophysical data acquisition and exploration teams.
Job Requirements:A minimum of 8 years of experience in exploration survey and mapping activities (geophysical surveys and civil works); a degree in surveying, geodesy, geomatics, or related discipline; and proficiency in GIS software, SQL, and databases for exploration (including seismic and well data).

Fluent English (written & Spoken)
Company Profile:
BGP Arabia
BGP is one of the world leading geophysical service contractors.
In 2002, BGP became a liability-limited company after merging with six other Chinese geophysical companies. The new company is located in Zhuozhuo city, Hebei Province, Sixty Kilometers south of Beijing.
The main business of BGP includes:
•Onshore seismic data acquisition, processing, interpretation, and reservoir studies.
•Deep water seismic surveys.
•Shallow water and transition zone seismic surveys
•Borehole seismic surveys
•Geophysical equipment manufacturing
•Multi-client services

BGP currently fields 101 land seismic crews, 8 shallow water and transition zone crews, 7 VSP crews, and 20 non-seismic crews operating in 24 countries of 4 continents. The operations are conducted in a wide variety of terrain conditions, such as gravel plains, mountains, deserts, jungles, swamps, marshes, shallow water and transition zones. In 2006, BGP started its offshore business campaign. At present, it owns a 2-D vessel, a 6-streamer 3-D vessel, and a 4C OBC vessel.

BGP strictly follows the international guidelines for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection set forth by the International Association of Geophysical Contractors and the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers.

BGP supports its largest R&D institute and Seismic Data Processing Center in China. Activities such as 2-D, 3-D, 3-component, 4-D seismic and 3-D VSP are commonly conducted to fill clients’ requirements. Non-seismic activities include Gravity, Magnetic, Electro-magnetic, and Geo-chemical surveys.
Geological research services are also provided on regular basis to the energy industry in China and the world. One of our main efforts these days is developing tools to improve reservoir evaluation and characterization.
Since 1961, BGP has provided quality services for more than 90 energy companies at home and abroad including CNPC, Shell, Exxonmobil, BP, Total, ENI, Repsol YPF, OXY, GNPOC, Saudi Aramco, Pmex, PDO, Remsa, etc.
BGP continues to make major investments in research and development of new technologies, and, as always, strives to minimize our clients’ exploration risks with our cost-effective and ever-upgraded services.
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